About Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a human creative act requiring passion, guts and total commitment.  Entrepreneurs create value often from practically nothing, an idea, a problem to be solved or a determination to improve something. 

Up until now the prevailing view was that nature had won the debate.  You were born with the skills of being an entrepreneur.  Our entrecode® research has exposed that myth; entrepreneurship can be learned and this book will show you how. 

Competing Entrepreneurial Theories

If you have read any books about entrepreneurs you will know that there are basically two different competing views about what it takes to be an entrepreneur.  One is that entrepreneurs are born, not made – you have either got it or you haven’t.  A competing view is that as long as you do your market research, produce a business plan and get the funds together, anybody can become a successful entrepreneur.  Unfortunately, neither has succeeded in producing many successful entrepreneurs. 

When he became an entrepreneur, David Hall was so frustrated with the help and advice he was given he decided to find out himself how entrepreneurs really did create great businesses.  The result after 25 years’ research is his latest book entrecode® - Unlocking the Entrepreneurial DNA. 

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