Learning About Entrepreneurship

The Good News – Entrepreneurship Can be Learned

Entrepreneurship can be learned by anybody providing they are prepared to think and behave like a successful entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs learn by just doing it, having a go and enjoying success or learning important lessons.  So be bold and brave and just do it because now is good!

Entrepreneurs prefer to get their wisdom from other successful entrepreneurs, not from textbooks, business schools or consultants so go and talk to them and pick their brains.

Finally, they listen to family and friends in order to check out their ideas from trusted people.  So should you.


David Hall’s ground breaking research clearly demonstrates that entrepreneurship can be learned.  A major insight in the book is that entrepreneurship is much more of a personal process than a series of business tasks as taught by most business schools.

Having a vision, maintaining a positive attitude, being action oriented and having the resilience to recover from setbacks are some of the key entrepreneurial skills which are outlined in the entrecode® book.

These skills can all be developed through coaching and practice.  We can help you to develop these skills and attitudes and that’s the good news!

Reading entrecode® - Unlocking the Entrepreneurial DNA will show you how entrepreneurs have addressed the key entrepreneurial issues you may now be facing, including:

  • Starting a business
  • Identifying the key things you need to ensure get done
  • Growing the business
  • How you can grow your business and minimise the risks
  • How to revitalise a business
  • What you can do to get your business back on track
  • Innovating in a corporate or business sector organisation
  • How to create a culture of innovation for your business

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