About The Entrecode

The Entrecode

When, 25 years ago I started out as an entrepreneur, I found it amazing that nobody could tell me how to create a successful business.  So I decided to find out, and did so by working directly with successful entrepreneurs around the world.

I discovered that they did things very differently than I had been taught at formal business school!

Entrecode is literally the ‘code’ or DNA of how entrepreneurs do their work. 

Development of the Entrecode

The entrecode clearly outlines how entrepreneurs really do start, grow and revitalise businesses.  It is the result of 20 years research with successful entrepreneurs around the world, and the entrecode® is the result of my journey to discover the secrets of their success. 

Entrepreneurs DO NOT behave in the way business schools teach the subject.  The entrecode® reveals that the key skills are:

Getting into the Zone
This is the mindset that creates success

Opening up to the World
Connecting with those who can help

Seeing Possibilities
Joining the dots to innovate and create options

Creating Superior Opportunities
Opportunities which are highly profitable and sustainable

Staying in the Zone
Use it or lose it by staying persistent and focused

Building Capability
Developing the business capacity to perform successfull

These are the skills successful entrepreneurs use to start to grow and revitalise their businesses.  Entrecode® is a breakthrough in the understanding of the entrepreneurial process. 

Check our videos to hear the author explain how the entrecode® was developed. 

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