Entrepreneurship Types

What type of Entrepreneur are you?

There are basically two types of entrepreneurs.  A commercial person who identifies a customer problem, develops a profitable solution and then sells that solution to as many people as possible.  Is this you?

The second type is a technical entrepreneur.  These people are often academics or researchers who develop new technologies.  They then generally partner with people who can market and sell their product for them as this is not usually their skill set.  This is different from an inventor who gets obsessed with a product they love but nobody else wants or cares about.  This is one to avoid.


Assessment - Find your entrepreneurial potential by completing our online assessment tool.

We worked with our international partners Saville Consulting to create an unique Entrecode assessment tool.

What Makes for a Successful Entrepreneur?

The Wave Entrepreneurial Report is used to identify Entrepreneurial Potential, based on the Entrecode model. The report is particularly relevant where there is a need to identify people who will thrive in start-up businesses and new markets.

The data adds great insights when looking for entrepreneurial leaders who will create and add value to a business. Venture capitalists, people looking to invest equity and those looking to start businesses or identify suitable partners have been major users of this report.

The Entrepreneurial Report can be powered by Saville Consulting Wave Professional Styles (40 minutes completion time) or Wave Focus Styles (13 minutes completion time).

Wave Entrepreneurial Example Expert Report - Professor David Hall

Development - How can you develop the skills of successful entrepreneurs?

Once you have completed the wave entrepreneurial assessment you will be clear about your entrepreneurial strengths and the areas you need to work on.

Our Entrecoaching service provides a unique and effective way of developing your skills and improving the performance of your business.

The coaching is done by telephone, so it's flexible, efficient and accessible - it fits into the lives of busy entrepreneurs. Each session lasts one hour and has a strong action orientation. When you develop your Entrecode skills you significantly increase the chances of being successful.

We also provide a library of entrepreneurial toolkits which enable you to engage in purposeful practice in order to learn and grow as an entrepreneur.

Our toolkits were developed and written by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs to provide help and support in developing your business.

There are 38 toolkits available which have proven invaluable to entrepreneurs across the world.

Click here to receive a detailed outline and structure of the service.

Innovation - How your business can innovate successfully


We researched the problem of innovation and discovered it had two main causes:

1. Not having entrepreneurs on the innovation team.

2. A culture of 'power and control' and not 'achievement'.

The contribution of these factors acts as a virus that seriously limits many organisations ability to innovate or change.

We have worked with over 30 organisations addressing these two problems and the innovation results were six times expectations on average!

If you would like to dramatically improve innovation in your business contact us for more details.

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